Capcom Dropping The Ball: You Can Unlock Dead Rising 3’s Framerate But There Might Be Glitchy Bugs

It’s no secret that Capcom’s PC ports were among the best we’ve seen back in the ‘Lost Planet 2’ days. The Japanese company was among the first to support Microsoft’s DX11 but since then, its ports have been going downhill. Resident Evil 6 – for example – was only running via DX9.0c. Surely things could not get worse, right? Well, get ready for some laughable excuses about the overall ‘experience’ of the upcoming PC port of Dead Rising 3.

During Capcom’s recent TwitchTV livestream that was dedicated to the PC version of Dead Rising 3, the company revealed that the game will be best played at 30fps. And while PC gamers will be able to unlock the game’s framerate, they may encounter a lot of glitchy bugs due to higher framerates.

When we started the PC project we knew we weren’t gonna be able to guarantee anything above 30 frames per second” said Capcom and continue:

“What I’m saying is, we’re not gonna stop you from uncapping the framerate, but we can’t guarantee the experience. We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen, you might see some weird stuff with physics, some weird stuff with zombies. I really don’t believe you’re losing anything by playing at 30 frames per second. If you want feel free to uncap it, but it’s gonna be wild and crazy”

What the bloody F? Capcom is unable to guarantee anything above 30fps? We are not losing anything by playing at 30fps? And this is coming from the same damn company that advertised the PC HD version of Resident Evil 4 as something revolutionary because it was running at 60fps?

I really love when companies backflip on really important things so easily. And while PC gamers may not encounter any major issues with higher framerates in Dead Rising 3, this statement may very well explain potential performance issues with this upcoming port.

Do note that the game’s PC requirements are quite high, and that the console version (Xbox One) had major performance issues.

You know what Capcom? We’re glad you are bringing Dead Rising 3 on the PC, but how about optimizing and offering a proper PC version?

Dead Rising 3 will be coming to the PC this Summer, and we’ll definitely put it to the test once it’s out!