Rainbow Six: Siege’s Debut Trailer Was Running On PC, Specs Not Specified As Of Yet

Rainbow Six: Siege was one of the games that impressed pretty much everyone. Powered by the Realblast engine, this game aims to incorporate procedural destruction that is realistic and unscripted. And while Rainbow Six: Siege is targeting current-gen consoles and PC, its debut trailer was running on a PC.

What really surprised me with Ubisoft’s trailer, however, is how straight forward they were with it. Contrary to pretty much all demos or trailers that were shown running on the PC, Rainbow Six: Siege had proper keyboard indications. Yeap, instead of pulling another Batman: Arkham Knight with PS4 button indicators, Ubisoft kept the PC keyboard indicators.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not revealed yet the specs of the PC that was used to run the footage shown in this trailer. In short, we don’t know what the French company used to make it run super-smooth.

Rainbow Six: Siege is currently scheduled for a 2015 release and as Ubisoft claimed, its debut trailer was based on a pre-alpha build (meaning that it may not reflect the quality of the final product).


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