Confirmed – Batman: Arkham Knight’s Demo During Sony’s Conference Was Running On PC

Well, this is nothing new, right? We’ve seen in the past this kind of things but since both PS4 and Xbox One are out, you’d expect that their demos would be running on – you know – those consoles themselves. It appears this is not the case with Batman: Arkham Knight as Rocksteady confirmed that the demo that was shown during Sony’s conference was running on the PC.

When asked about the platform in which the game was running, Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn confirmed (during Gamespot’s E3 livestream, head over at 4:37:00 mark):

“This is the PC build.”

So there you have it everyone. One of the most anticipated games that amazed pretty much all gamers during Sony’s conference was running on the PC (which means that the console builds may not look or run as sexy as this one).

Now the good news for PC gamers is that there wasn’t any stuttering side-effect. We all know that the previous Batman games suffered from such issues, so thankfully this new one (that will be powered by an enhanced version of Unreal Engine 3) will run smoother.


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