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Battlefield 3 Unofficial Modding Tools Available For Download

In September 2020, we informed you about some unofficial modding tools that were under development for Battlefield 3. And today, we are happy to report that these modding tools, called Venice Unleashed, are now available for download.

VU (a.k.a. Venice Unleashed) is a modding and improvement framework for Battlefield 3. VU promises to offer a variety of features, such as the ability to host private dedicated servers, high frequency/tickrate servers, configurable suppression and color correction (ie. you can disable the blue tint), and extensive modding capabilities. With it, you can join servers offering custom experiences (such as the BF3 Reality Mod). Alternatively, you can create your own custom server.

VU supports smooth gameplay on high-tickrate 60Hz and 120Hz servers. Not only that, but you can watch matches in real-time using the extensive built-in spectating features.

It will be interesting to see what kind of mods BF3 will now receive that these unofficial modding tools are out.

You can download Battlefield 3 Venice Unleashed from here.

Have fun!

VU Teaser Trailer - The power of modding