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Unofficial Modding Tools coming to Battlefield 3 in December 2020

The VU Team has announced that the unofficial modding tools for Battlefield 3 will release in December 2020. In order to showcase these modding tools, the team released a trailer that features some custom maps.

VU (a.k.a. Venice Unleashed) is a modding and improvement framework for Battlefield 3. VU promises to offer a variety of features, such as the ability to host private dedicated servers, high frequency/tickrate servers, configurable suppression and color correction (ie. you can disable the blue tint), and extensive modding capabilities. With it, you can join servers offering custom experiences (such as the BF3 Reality Mod) or create your own using the modding tools.

The following video features a remake of the Counter-Strike map de_dust2. It also showcases a custom bicycle vehicle and a modified buggy with neon lights and jet engines. Additionally, you can find a remake of the classic Prop Hunt and Infection game modes. Not only that, but this video packs footage from Reality Mod; a spiritual Project Reality successor for BF3. Oh, and this tool will be so powerful that you can create new game modes, like a top-down AI wave shooter.

VU is free to use for anyone who owns Battlefield 3 on Origin. To get started playing VU, simply register a new account here, download VU from the homepage and Battlefield 3 from Origin, and launch it from your desktop or start menu.


VU Teaser Trailer - The power of modding