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Battlefield 2042 will feature Ray Tracing on PC, first PC trailer released

NVIDIA and DICE have just announced that the PC version of Battlefield 2042 will feature Ray Tracing effects. According to the green team, DICE will use Ray Tracing in order to enhance the game’s Ambient Occlusion. Moreover, the game will also support NVIDIA’s DLSS and Reflex techs.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that will be focusing on multiplayer action. As such, the game will not feature any traditional single-player modes. The game also promises to feature a cutting-edge arsenal into dynamically-changing battlegrounds supporting 128 players. Additionally, it aims to include unprecedented scale and epic destruction.

Battlefield 2042 will also come with Battlefield Portal. According to DICE, Battlefield Portal is an all-new, community-driven platform where players will be able to change the rules of war by creating, sharing and discovering unexpected battles from Battlefield’s iconic past, present, and future.

Below you can find the game’s official PC trailer. Contrary to other RTX trailers, though, this one does not feature any comparison scenes between “RTX On” and “RTX Off”.

Battlefield 2042 will release on November 19th!

Battlefield 2042 | Official PC Trailer With RTX On