Attention Morrowind fans; Morrowind Rebirth 1.7 Released

Morrowind Rebirth is a must-have mod for those who want to replay Bethesda’s old gem and comes with new enemies to fight, exciting areas to explore, as well as new weapons. What’s more impressive is that this mod is created by a single man, trancemaster_1988. trancemaster_1988 has been hard at work and released its latest version that comes with one hell of features, such as even more new creatures, locations and graphic enhancers.
In Morrowing Rebirth 1.7, the modder has rebalanced Khajiits as they now have a bonus in hand to hand combat due to thier sharp claws (5 p), raised the required soul value to create constant effect enchantment from 400 to 500, tweaked the Dwemer artifact “Foeburner” as it now has a proper enchantment that deals fire damage. In addition, all new creatures have been rebalanced and new balanced equipment for Dark Brotherhood Assassins has been introduced.
Players will also find new enemies such as Dwarven Repair Bot, Frost Monarch and Treant (Unique), as well as new creature variations such as Wolf Cub, Brown Bear Cub and Black Bear Cub. Furthermore, trancemaster_1988 has corrected a lot of floaters along the Bitter Coast, added a new content in Pelagiad, Caldera & Ebonheart, improved vertex shading in and around Pelagiad, and brought a few landscape changes in Seyda Neen.
Last but not least, the modder included new Trees’ for the Grazelands, new and improved mesh for the Ash Scorpion, new meshes/textures for the Dwemer Armor/Dwemer encounters, new textures for the Thives guild armor, improved meshes for Redoran Buildings, fixed meshes for Boats and fixed meshes for Daedric Ruins.
Pretty amazing for a one-man job, right?
Those interested can download it from here!