Crysis 2 Modder introduces a custom foliage map that pushes 49k instances and 800k polies

We’ve been saying that CryEngine 3 is one of the most efficient and most impressive game engines out there and a few modders decided to prove our point. And although we decided to keep some maps for our upcoming ‘Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery’ feature, we can’t help but be impressed by modder’s hostilis work. This is one of the best foliage maps we’ve ever seen and pushes 49k instances and 800k polies in screen. Not only that, but the modder has used his own textures. Make no mistake, this can’t be achieved by current generation consoles. High quality textures, great LOD, incredible draw distance, huge environments with lots of detail, insane amounts of objects on-screen, and a lighting system with dynamic shadows and illumination effects. You might think that this is a simple map but no, when you start taking into consideration¬†all of the¬†features that are included, you can easily see why we’re not getting this kind of graphics in our current generation games. You can find some shots below, as well as a fly-through video. Enjoy!

Cryengine 3 Simple Foliage map