Elden Ring Ornstein & Smough Mod

This Elden Ring Mod reimagines the Ornstein & Smough bossfight

The team behind The Garden of Eyes overhaul mod for Elden Ring has released a new update that reimagines the Ornstein & Smough bossfight.

According to the team, the boss is a complete reimagination of the classic Dark Souls 1 boss, Ornstein & Smough, but with a full-on new design, models, music, animations, arenas, and unique phase 2.

Same with the original bossfight, when killing one of the duo first, the other one absorbs their power. Then, the game transitions into a completely new fight.

This mod has been in development for over 5 months, and you can find below a video for it. This gameplay video will give you an idea of what you can expect from it. And I have to say that the mod looks great. Seriously, the Ornstein & Smough fight for Elden Ring now looks better in every way.

Unfortunately, though, this mod is put behind a Patreon wall. Yeap, similar to all of the other Garden of Eyes mods, this one is only available to their Patreon members.

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