Counter-Strike Dust2 Unreal Engine 5

Someone is remaking Dust2 from Counter-Strike in Unreal Engine 5, and it looks amazing

YouTube’s ‘Nic’ has shared a video, showcasing a WIP remake of Dust2 from Counter-Strike in Unreal Engine 5. Nic is creating a realistic version of this iconic map from Valve’s shooter with a bodycam viewpoint. And, as you’ll see, even in its current WIP stage, this map looks amazing.

The artist has nailed the lighting, which looks miles better than what CS and CS2 currently offer. Not only that, but we can definitely see some really high-resolution textures. Ironically, this feels like a mod for Unrecord, the Unreal Engine 5 bodycam game that took everyone by surprise.

Now as I said, this remake is still a WIP. For instance, you can clearly see that the enemies lack animations and are simply there as placeholders. At least you can shoot so that’s something. The sound is also a bit awful and nowhere close to what we’d expect, even from a fan project. There are also numerous collision issues (take a look at the enemy’s arm at 0:12). And yet, despite all these issues, this Counter-Strike remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks amazing.

From what I know, Nic is making this map for portfolio purposes. In other words, there are no plans to release it to the public. So no, you won’t be able to play it. Still, I really hope that the artist will further improve it (and ultimately finish it). This realistic take on Counter-Strike’s environment looks incredible, and I’d love to see even more maps.

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Dust2 [Map Test] - Unreal Engine 5