Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-1

New Starfield Mod improves the quality of all major NPCs

Modder ‘SavrenX’ has released a must-have HD Texture Pack for Starfield that improves all of its major NPCs. This mod basically improves the Diffuse and Rough maps of the major NPCs, resulting in much better-looking characters.

Now when we say all major NPCs, we mean the ones you can talk to or fight. We’re not talking about the random NPCs that you can find roaming the streets of the game’s cities.

Going into more details, SavrenX has improved over 2500 textures. According to the modder, rough Maps are very important because, with good-quality maps, NPC facial expressions can be more realistic and natural, especially when talking. So, the modder has overhauled in 2K all the diffuse and rough maps of the major NPCs.

I’ve been using this pack during my playthrough and I highly recommend using it (you can download it from here). I should also note that It’s also compatible with the Starfield HD Reworked Project.

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Lastly, here are some screenshots that showcase the newly improved 2K diffuse and rough maps!

Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-1Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-2Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-3 Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-4Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-5Starfield NPCs Overhaul Mod-6