The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask feature

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask just got an unofficial PC port with support for high framerates, widescreen/ultrawide, Gyro Aim, autosaves and low input lag

The Legend of Zelda fans, here is something special for you today. It appears that a native unofficial PC port of the classic N64 Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, has been released.

Zelda 64: Recompiled is a project that’s all about bringing Majora’s Mask, the classic game, onto the PC. To make that happen, it uses N64: Recompiled. This program can turn all N64 games into PC-native titles. It’s a ground-breaking tool, and we can’t wait to see more N64 games getting native PC ports. Additionally, Zelda 64: Recompiled uses RT64 to enhance the game’s graphics.

Mr-Wiseguy has made sure to keep all the cool effects from the original Nintendo 64 game. Zelda 64: Recompiled does not use workarounds or “hacks” to do it, either. Instead, it only makes some modifications to further enhance them. This includes framebuffer effects like the grayscale cutscenes and the Deku bubble projectile. Plus, it has improved things like the lens of truth and shadows to make them even better. And they’ve made sure the lighting and fire effects are just like they were on the N64.

One of the major new PC features of this project is the high framerate support. Finally, Zelda fans will be able to enjoy this classic title with framerates over 60fps. Not only that, but changing the framerate does not have any impact on the game’s physics or speed. Yep, that’s the beauty of a native PC port.

PC gamers can also expect support for widescreen and ultrawide monitors. Not only that but there is support for Gyro Aim. There is currently full support for Dualshock 4, Dualsense, Switch Pro, and most third-party Switch controllers.

And that’s not all. Zelda 64: Recompiled has been optimized to have as little input lag as possible, making the game feel more responsive than ever. It’s also compatible with both Linux and Steam Deck. Oh, and the game now has an Autosave functionality.

Finally, Mr-Wiseguy aims to add Ray Tracing support in a future version via RT64. There are also plans to add support for Texture Packs and Model Replacements.

This will be a dream come true for all old-school Zelda fans. Just so you know, though, you can’t use this HD Texture Pack yet. Still, Zelda 64: Recompiled is an incredible project, even in this early stage.

You can download Zelda 64: Recompiled from here. For this to work, you’ll need a North American version of the game. Once you have it, drop it in the main menu and start playing.

Have fun!

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