Starfield feature-5

Here is how you can change your FOV in Starfield

The Early Access phase of Starfield began earlier today and as you may have seen, the game does not feature any FOV setting on PC. Thankfully, though, there is a way via which PC gamers can change the FOV in Starfield, so keep reading to find out how.

All you have to do is create a text file in your “Documents/MyGames/Starfield” folder and name it “StarfieldCustom.ini”. Inside that text file, you can then add the following commands



The above settings will give a FOV of 100. If you want a FOV of 95, you can replace these numbers with “95.000”

We’ve tried this workaround and we can confirm that it really works. So there you have it, everyone. Although Starfield does not offer any in-game FOV option, you can use this method and apply whatever FOV setting feels comfortable to you.

So, in just a matter of hours, we got two must-have mods for Starfield. The first one is this one (okay okay, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a mod. However, I’m certain that a modder will be able to create a mod that can change the FOV values on the fly/in game) and the second is the DLSS 2/XeSS Mod.

Another mod that will be crucial to Starfield is Reshade. I don’t know what Bethesda was smoking, but the game currently looks washed out with elevated blacks in SDR. Since this is Bethesda we’re talking about, I don’t really expect them to fix it. However, by using Reshade, most PC gamers should be able to resolve this issue themselves.

Before closing, I should note that our PC Performance Analysis will most likely go live this weekend. Until then, here are our first PC performance impressions of it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!