Grand Theft Auto Vice City The Final Remastered Mod

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – The Final Remastered Mod Released

Modder ‘jquaidark’ has released a brand new version of The Final Remastered Edition Mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mod aims to overhaul the graphics of this classic GTA game, and we highly recommend downloading it.

According to the modder, GTA Vice City The Final Remastered compiles many mods from talented moders in order to create a whole new experience.

Now the reason I’m sharing this is because Take-Two has taken down both GTA Vice City Modern and the unofficial remaster of this game in the RAGE Engine.

You can download the mod from here, and here are also its key features:

  • HD textures making a great effort to combine the textures of the VRTP project with the other mods.
  • Vegetation taken and optimized from Vice Cry, everything was ported to the original game for greater stability.
  • Many new features like Classic Axis, climbing, swimming, improved traffic and pedestrians. Plus many more features!
  • Improved graphics with the new Reshade in conjunction with the SkyGFX mod, which achieves a beautiful combination between the two.
  • Cars, weapons, radar and pedestrians retextured in HD.
  • Multitude of maps added to expand the city, compiled from many different mods and released in a stable way.
  • Neons from VCS and new 2dfx effects

Lastly, it’s worth noting that another graphics overhaul mod is still online. Thus, and if you don’t like The Final Remastered, you can go ahead and download GTA Vice City Definitive Edition – Classic.

Have fun!

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition - Classic