GTA Vice City Modern v2.0 screenshots-1

GTA Vice City Modern V2.0 adds new textures & graphical enhancements

Talha_Mustafa is currently working on a major overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. This mod will add new HD textures to the game and will bring new graphics enhancements to it.

Going into more details, GTA Vice City Modern V2.0 includes skygfx, Limit Adjuster, 2dfx, High Draw Distance of cars and buildings and multi sets. It will also pack ENB reflections adjusted for skygfx, Occlusion, Water Reflection, Depth BIAS, and Smooth Shadows. PC gamers can also expect better Anti Aliasing, Depth Of Field, Ultra HD particles and effects. Additionally, the mod will have Ultra HD Water, as as well as improved Weather, Sky and Rain.

The modder has improved a lot of textures of old buildings, roads, pavements and grass. Furthermore, the mod now uses higher quality pedestrians that feel similar to GTA 5. It also packs some GTA 5 character animation enhancements. For instance, players can now walk while firing a weapon and jump (they can also swim).

This new version of GTA Vice City Modern V2.0 is now available for download from here. You can also find some screenshots below, showcasing the game’s improved graphics.

In case you don’t like the visual tweaks that this mod brings, you can also try Vice City ReTexture Project 1.5. This only overhauls the game’s textures, and stays closer to the vanilla art style.

Stay tuned for more!

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