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Grand Theft Auto 4 gets a new car pack with vehicles from 1950-1993

Modder ‘Jjent1’ has released a new cool car pack for Grand Theft Auto IV. As the modder noted, this pack brings to the game cars from the late 1950s to 1993.

Unfortunately, the modder has not shared the complete list of cars that are featured in this pack. Still, you can find below some screenshots that he shared.

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You can download the new/custom car pack for GTAIV from here. In order to install, it, you’ll have to place “vehicles.img” into pc > models > cdimages. Then, you’ll have to place all the other files into common > data.

Have fun!

GTA 4 car pack screenshots-1GTA 4 car pack screenshots-2GTA 4 car pack screenshots-3 GTA 4 car pack screenshots-4GTA 4 car pack screenshots-5