Watch_Dogs Mod For GTA IV Released, Looks Phenomenal

A couple of days ago we informed you about a mod that will merge Watch_Dogs and GTA IV together. Well, modder JulioNIB has finally released it, and it looks phenomenal. You can find below a download link, as well as a video and the main features of this mod. And to put it simple; JulioNIB has done an incredible work bringing this two titles together.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

#WatchDogsIV Released - GTA IV script mod

And here are the key features of this mod:


-Payphone, ticket machine and ATM – Explode
-Wall lights – Burst
-ATM – Free money
-Trains – Stop, Go, Return
-Traffic lights – Confuse drivers making them crash
-Road block – Block the road/street
-Cameras – View camera live video
-Pop Machines – Release soda cans
-Parked cars – Trip alarm

-Walk/stand over train in movement
-Idle anim (hands in pocket)
-Small gun anim (hide gun)
-Custom walk, run and sprint anims
-Put/remove scarf
-Improved cops shoot accuracy
-Improved cops driving
-ctOS wanted level system (pre-wanted + witness call + scan = wanted level)
-Take down attacks
-“Weapon wheel” HUD
-Radar borders
-Health indicator below radar
-Health regeneration up to 50%
-Victims damage indicator
-Player attacker indicator
-Blood effect for player damage
-Waypoint indicator
-Dynamic camera position
-Maybe something that i can’t remember now 🙂


Insert – Show mods menu
E – Hack targeted item (X: Left Bumper)
R – Toggle actual item hack options (for items with multiple options) (X: Button A)
R – Cancel camera hack (X: Button B)
Hold F close to a ped – Perform a “take down” attack (X: Button Y)
Hold T – Show “weapon wheel”, tap to fast switch between armed/unarmed (X: Right Bumper)
Mouse scroll in weapon wheel – Change gun/item in selected slot (X: DPad left/right)

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file


Models by ac.amir (Mobile phone)
Anims by ac.amir and JulioNIB
Script by JulioNIB
Squared map by TAHKICT