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Days Gone – PC vs PS5 Early Graphics Comparison Video

A couple of days ago, Sony and Bend Studios released the first gameplay trailer for the PC version of Days Gone. Thus, Cycu1 released a video in which he compares the PC version with the PS5 version.

The PC version of Days Gone will feature ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics. PC gamers can expect increased level of details, field of view, and foliage draw distances.

Do note that this video comparison uses scenes from videos, meaning that some visual artifacts could be present. Still, this early comparison video will give you an idea of the differences between the PC and the PS5 version.

With this out of the way, we can safely say that there aren’t any major differences between these two versions. That is at least when comparing its cut-scenes. The PC version looks crisper than the PS5 and that’s most likely due to the fact that the PC runs at a higher resolution. Other than that, though, the graphical differences are pretty minimal.

Days Gone is coming to PC on May 18th. Here are also its official PC system requirements.


Days Gone PC vs PS5 - Wczesne Porównanie Grafiki 4K 60 FPS