GTA 5 new HD Texture Pack

New Grand Theft Auto 4 Mod aims to improve all textures, first version out

Modder ‘Allaga’ is currently working on a new HD Texture Pack for Grand Theft Auto 4. This pack aims to improve/overhaul all of the game’s textures. Now while this is a difficult task, the modder aims to release smaller versions over time (until the mod is complete).

The first version of Grand Theft Auto 4 4K2K Allaga Graphics Mod that is available for download covers buildings and characters.

In order to showcase the improved textures, the modder released some before/after screenshots. As you can see, Allaga was able to stay really close to the original material. Not only that, but the new textures look significantly better.

Since this is an HD Texture Pack, it should work with some of the mods we shared in the past. So theoretically, this mod is compatible with this mod that restores Grand Theft Auto IV’s multiplayer experience.

Have fun!

GTA5-vanilla-1GTA5-modded-1 GTA5-vanilla-2GTA5-modded-2 GTA5-vanilla-3GTA5-modded-3 GTA5-vanilla-4GTA5-modded-4 GTA5-vanilla-5GTA5-modded-5

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