GTA IV mods

This mod restores Grand Theft Auto IV’s multiplayer experience

In March 2020, Take-Two and Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition on PC. That version of GTA4 lacked any online/multiplayer game modes and online leaderboards, as those services relied on Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live. Thankfully, though, there is a mod that restores the game’s multiplayer mode.

GTA Connected is a custom scriptable multiplayer modification for multiple Grand Theft Auto games. This mod supports GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Moreover, its latest versions also support Grand Theft Auto 4.

What this means is that PC gamers can download and install this mod, and re-experience GTA IV’s multiplayer mode.

Going into slightly more details, GTA Connected can also sync peds, traffic, and missions. Players can use this mod in order to play both in offline and online mode. The mod also comes with dynamically growing/melting snow, custom objects and Peer-2-peer sync. Not only that, but it supports both Windows XP and WINE.

You can download the latest version of GTA Connected from here.

Have fun!