Fallout New Vegas feature

Fallout New Vegas showcased with over 40 gameplay combat mods

YouTube’s ‘Mutant Mods’ has shared a video, showcasing Fallout: New Vegas with over 40 gameplay mods. According to the YouTuber, these mods aim to significantly improve the game’s combat.

Now what’s really great here is that Mutant Mods has shared the list of gameplay mods they used. As such, PC gamers can mod the game to play exactly what is being shown below. You can find these mods in the video’s description. And needless to say that we highly recommend downloading them.

Speaking of Fallout New Vegas, we also suggest taking a look at these other expansion mods. Fallout: Broken CityFallout Van buren Remake, and Star Wars Open Worlds are three of them that you should download. You can also check out Fallout New California and Fallout The Frontier. And lastly, Special Delivery! adds a new fan quest campaign.


40 Vanilla-Friendly Mods to Enhance Combat in Fallout New Vegas