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Editorial: Your Most Anticipated Game, Green Man Gaming Partnership and More

Man, it’s been a really tough week at DSOGaming. We’ve been working really hard in the background on various things and today we can talk a bit about some of them. As you may have already seen, we’ve signed a partnership agreement with Green Man Gaming. But why did we sign such an agreement and will it affect our content?

Obviously, this agreement will further help us stay independent and write our honest opinions without relying on publishers. In other words, no; our content won’t be affected. On the contrary. Thanks to Green Man Gaming, we’ll be covering almost all triple-A games via Performance Analysis articles and Reviews. You definitely read Matt’s Evolve review (as well as Spencer’s Retro Reviews) and we’re pretty sure that you liked this idea of reviewing games.

But why did we sign a deal with Green Man Gaming? Well, it’s quite simple. As we’ve already said, a number of publishers declined sending us review codes. While we don’t know why EA declined sending one for Dragon Age: Inquisition, we’re pretty sure that Ubisoft did not send one for Far Cry 4 because we brought the hammer down on Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

So we had a number of publishers blacklisting us for writing the ‘truth’ (or at least our honest opinions that were backed up with actual facts) about their products. Not only that, but we had to deal with the Greek distributors’s arrogant and unprofessional stance towards DSOG. To put it simply; only one distributor has partnered with us during these past years. While we don’t want to name the other Greek distributors, we can say that we’ve contacted all of them more than once, and we have not heard back from them.

[John Papadopoulos] The only Greek distributor that has worked with us is CD Media. Since I’ve been in contact with its PR, I want to say that my experience with Christina Arapakou has been amazing, and she was always happy to help us. Christina also arranged some of our interviews, so more power to her. Even when I told Christina that DSOG was not focused on the Greek market, she was more than happy to help us. CD Media was the only Greek distributor that supported us in our early days, and we are thankful for that.

Now the reason the other Greek distributors did not help us remains a mystery. We don’t want to brag about our numbers – we never do if you’ve been following us – but that was certainly not the reason they declined responding to our emails. And that did hurt us. A lot actually. It felt like your own countrymen backstabbing you. We’ve been able to communicate directly with a lot of triple-A studios, and it’s disheartening witnessing your countrymen giving you the middle finger because reasons. And it’s disheartening because our guess is that they didn’t respond to our requests because they didn’t see any profit supporting a gaming website that did not target their market.

So these were the reasons we decided to sign a partnership agreement with Green Man Gaming. We believe this will benefit both DSOGaming and you – our readers – as you can get various discounts for a number of games that are being sold via Green Man Gaming.

We have also plans for our main PC config. As you may have noticed, we still use a GTX690 for our PC Performance Analysis articles. We plan upgrading that GPU to a high-end GPU once the new products hit the streets. Moreover, we’ll also get an AMD GPU (again, we plan to purchase one once the new models are out). This means that we will be covering both the green and the red camps. The downside is that we may drop support for SLI configurations, though to be honest – and as we’ve noticed – most of you are not interested in SLI scaling.

Furthermore, our older PC system will be equipped with our GTX690 once we get the new NVIDIA/AMD cards. This PC system will also be used during our Performance Analysis articles, and will give you an idea of how games run on such an old – at least for today’s standards – PC system based on Intel’s Core2Quad CPUs.

In short, we have even more surprises for you in 2015 so stay tuned. As a hint, a big announcement will be unveiled in one and a half months (though it may disappoint some of our PC die-hard fans… that’s all we can say at this point really). 2015 will be a really exciting year for DSOGaming, that’s for sure.

[John Papadopoulos] Before closing, I want to share the following trance mix with all of you. This particular mix was what actually made me start thinking outside the box (Jesus, that makes me weirder and more complicated than before. The horror. The horror I tell you). DSOGaming owns a lot to this mix. Actually, if it wasn’t for this mix, DSOG would never exist. The moment I finished this ‘Dark Side of Trance’ mix (see the resemblance to DSOG?) I called Thomas and John and proposed this crazy idea of creating our own gaming website. And the rest is history.

And here are the poll results for your most anticipated game of 2015!

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