World of Warcraft Unreal Engine 5

World of Warcraft looks amazing in Unreal Engine 5

YouTube’s ‘Frits Mulder’ has shared an amazing video, showcasing what World of Warcraft could look like in Unreal Engine 5. The artist has used assets from the original game, meaning that this concept video can give us a glimpse at what a remastered version of this MMO game could look like in a modern-day engine.

In this video, Mulder recreated World of Warcraft’s Westfall in Epic’s latest engine. Westfall is a low-level arid Alliance zone in southern Eastern Kingdoms. The artist has used numerous assets (from objects to NPCs) from World of Warcraft, and the results are incredible.

This project took Mulder three months to complete, and packs some of UE5’s key features. From what we can see, this World of Warcraft remaster in Unreal Engine 5 uses Lumen and Nanite. Since this project uses Nanite, there aren’t any geometry/objects/NPCs pop-ups. That alone makes this a must-watch for all WoW fans. Still, those with good eyesight will notice some shadow pop-ups (Nanite does not address shadow pop-ins).

From what we know, Blizzard does not plan to overhaul the engine powering World of Warcraft. In short, don’t expect to ever get this kind of graphics in the official game. All hope is not lost though as we might get a path-traced version of World of Warcraft with RTX Remix.

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Enjoy this unofficial remaster of World of Warcraft in Unreal Engine 5, and stay tuned for more!

World of Warcraft in Unreal Engine 5: Westfall