The Last Of Us Clickers Unreal Engine 5

This parody video of The Last Of Us in Unreal Engine 5 is kind of cool

YouTube’s ‘AFK’ has released a pretty cool parody video for The Last Of Us in Unreal Engine 5. In this video, we get to see two Clickers chatting. It’s a pretty funny video, and it’s definitely something different from all our previous UE5 articles.

What’s also cool is witnessing the Clickers in this small UE5 environment. Since this scene does not push Unreal Engine 5 to its limits, there is no point in comparing it with Naughty Dog’s in-house engine. Still, I find it fascinating (which is obviously why I’ve decided to share it with you).

From the looks of it, the Clickers are from The Last Of Us Remake. In case you weren’t aware, this remake will come out on PC later this month, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. We also expect Naughty Dog to reveal the game’s PC requirements in the coming weeks.

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CLICKERS - a last of us parody created in Unreal Engine 5