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This Is EVE Online’s Biggest Battle To Date

Our reader ‘El Pato’ has informed about a massive battle that took place in EVE Online. During this battle, more than 70 Titans – EVE’s super-duper-uber megaships – have fallen. YouTube’s ‘Rooksandkings’ has managed to capture the battle, so be sure to check it out.

As Rooksandkings noted, the battle is between the coalitions of CFC/RUS/BL and N3/PL.

“A new record of 75 titans died in the fight, with 59 kills for the former against 16 kills for the latter.”

Ouch. 75 titans dead. And keep in mind that each Titan is worth 100 billion ISK.

You can read more about this battle here.


Footage from the Titanic Struggle of B-R (1080p available)