These videos show how close to real life Microsoft Flight Simulator actually is

YouTube’s ‘Planes From Ground’ has shared a new comparison video between Microsoft Flight Simulator and a real-life landing of an A320 at WBKK. And, surprisingly enough, Microsoft Flight Simulator is closer to real-life than you might have guessed.

I’ve also included below other videos that compare Microsoft Flight Simulator with real life. Now the biggest issue I see with Microsoft Flight Simulator is its lighting system. Don’t get me wrong, MFS features an amazing lighting system (for video-game standards). However, the lack of Ray Tracing makes things look a bit unnatural. Of course when we say Ray Tracing, we mean the full suite of Ray Tracing features and not just reflections.

From what we know so far, Microsoft and Asobo are already working on adding support for DirectX 12. This DX12 will, hopefully, address the game’s major CPU optimization issues. And, let’s hope that Asobo will also consider adding Ray Tracing effects to it. The game also supports VR via its latest update.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VS Real Life | A320 Landing in Sabah

Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) vs Real Life | Landing in Gatwick UK

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 vs. Real Life at Los Angeles LAX | A320 Cockpit Side by Side

MSFS VS REAL LIFE | A320neo Landing at Queenstown, New Zealand