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The Medium will offer two Ray Tracing modes, will support reflections, RTAO, hybrid translucent & shadows

Bloober Team has detailed all the Ray Tracing effects that The Medium will support on the PC. According to the team, the game will feature ray-traced reflections, ambient occlusion, hybrid translucent, and shadows.

Going into more details, The Medium will offer two Ray Tracing modes on PC; Performance Mode and Quality Mode. In Performance Mode, the game will feature ray-traced reflections and Ambient Occlusion in all performant location. On the other hand, in Quality Mode, it will feature reflections, RTAO, hybrid translucent, and some RT shadows. Quality Mode will be also using DLSS and some other Nvidia improvements. However, Bloober Team claims that this particular mode will be demanding, and will only target high-end GPUs.

Bloober Team has also shared some details about the game’s PC disk requirements. While the game will play best on an SSD, it will also work great on an HDD.

As we’ve been using level-streaming in our games for a long time, we have made every effort to ensure that the experience on a PC running the recommended specs is as close as possible to that on the new Microsoft console. For PC players, SSD is recommended but not required, so yes, loading times will be increased when using an HDD. With that said there’s quite a bit of difference between console and PC architecture.

To get a little more technical, PC linear transfer from a standard HDD is 100MB/s on average, while the previous generation of consoles have just a third of this value. So when you couple that with the IO cache that a PC’s operating system manages, you get loading times of only a few seconds longer than the average SSD. Sure, you’ll see some texture pop-in here and there, but you’ll still be able to enjoy The Medium from an HDD.”

The Medium will release in January 2021. Here are also the game’s official PC system requirements!