Tomb Raider classic

Here is what the original Tomb Raider would look like as a 2D platformer

Now here is something that passed under my radar. Earlier this Summer, DelcaTRLE shared a video, showcasing what the original Tomb Raider could have looked like as a 2D platform game. And since it looks amazing, I thought of sharing it with you.

Now unfortunately DelcaTRLE does not plan to create a full game out of it. Despite that, this video looks actually really cool. Now I don’t know how some of the game’s more complex levels would work in a 2D platformer. Nevertheless, I’d definitely play such a “remake“.

Speaking of Tomb Raider, last month we shared a video that showcased Angelina Jolie from Tomb Raider: Lara Croft in Unreal Engine 5. There is also a Super Mario 64 Mod for the original game that you can download. Let’s also not forget OpenLara which also features a first-person viewpoint.