Tomb Raider classic

Play the first Tomb Raider game in your web browser, supports first-person viewpoint

TombRaider forum member ‘XProger’ has been working on an open-source engine of the classic Tomb Raider game, called OpenLara, and has made it available to everyone. Surprisingly enough, this new remake of Tomb Raider is playable in your web browser. Yeap, you don’t have to download anything at all.

Now before continuing, know that this is just an engine remake that features the first level, and not the full game. However, players can load official levels via its “browse level” selector.

All you have to do is visit its official website and start playing it.

What’s also cool is that OpenLara offers both third-person and first-person modes. Players can switch at will between these two modes. Furthermore, the framerate has been unlocked and the game can be enjoyed at higher framerates (the original Tomb Raider was locked at 30fps, even on the PC).

Thanks to its new game engine, the game also sports better visuals (though do not expect anything ground-breaking. Just some small tweaks thanks to hardware acceleration).

Have fun!