Valheim 4K Texture Pack-5

Valheim gets an HD Texture Pack that is compatible with version 0.211.9

MrFisse has released a new HD Texture Pack for Valheim that is compatible with version 0.211.9. This pack is basically a special version of HD Valheim from DJAurelius and zJIoDeI, that works with the game’s latest version.

HD Valheim appears to be a promising overhaul graphics mod for the game. The modders have used original HD textures to replace vanilla textures (for also both diffuse and normals). Additionally, they have patched a number of graphical bugs.

Future versions of HD Valheim will introduce better meshes, more polygons and smoother models. Moreover, the modders aim to add some performance tweaks.

You can download this special “0.211.9” version of HD Valheim from here.

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Have fun!

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