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Take a look at this faithful Resident Evil 2 Remake in Unity Engine

In April 2022, we shared a fan remake of the first Resident Evil game in Unity Engine. What was special about that remake was that it attempted to recreate 1-1 the classic 32-bit version, using a first-person perspective. And yesterday, YouTube’s ‘Kendozone’ shared a gameplay video from a similar remake of Resident Evil 2.

From the looks of it, there isn’t currently any download link for this project. However, we do know that it’s being created by the same person who was behind the first Resident Evil Remake in Unity Engine.

Now as you will see in the following gameplay footage, PerroAutonomo is going for an old-school art style. Basically, don’t expect this to look as good as the official Resident Evil 2 Remake. Still, this appears to be more faithful to the original version. After all, the creator is basically creating all of the original maps in the Unity Engine. Not only that, but you will explore the game’s environments via a first-person perspective.

Speaking of Resident Evil fan projects, we highly recommend downloading the Resident Evil Seamless HD Project. This mod overhauls the classic RE games by using AI techniques. This is a must-have for everyone that wants to replay these classic 32-bit games.

Here are also some canceled RE projects that looked kind of interesting. MoonGlint’s Resident Evil in Unreal Engine 4 was one of the best fan remakes of the first RE game. Resident Evil 1: 96 Edition was another fan remake that would feature PSX-like polygons and graphics, and would introduce a third-person camera to the game. And then there was a fan remake of RE in Unity Engine, with modern-day graphics.

Enjoy the following video and stay tuned for more!


Kudos to our reader ‘dagoat’ for bringing this to our attention!