Resident Evil PSX

New Resident Evil First-Person Fan Remake Beta available for download

Back in September 2021, we informed you about a fan remake of the first Resident Evil game in the Unity Engine. Created by PerroAutonomo, this fan remake targets 32-bit visuals and looks retro-cool. And last month, PerroAutonomo released a brand new beta version of it.

Although it’s far from being complete, this latest beta version features a lot of locations. Additionally, it packs numerous zombies to fight, though the fighting system needs a lot of work and polish. This fan remake also retains the original inventory system, as well as the game’s puzzles.

This is a pretty cool way to revisit this classic Resident Evil game, so we highly recommend downloading it.

Speaking of Resident Evil fan projects, there is another remake in the works. This other remake is using an over-the-shoulder camera viewpoint, and is using Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, though, this project is still not available to the public for download.


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