Blood 2 HD Texture Pack-1

Monolith’s Blood 2 gets an AI-upscaled HD Texture Pack

Modder ‘Akven’ has released a new version of his AI-upscaled HD Texture Pack for Monolith’s classic FPS, Blood 2: The Chosen. This HD Texture Pack overhauls all of the game’s textures, and it’s a must-have for everyone that wants to revisit it.

The latest version of this HD Texture Pack fixes PAN animation effect speed for all game levels. Additionally, it tweaks 9 more textures for more readable text, fixes water transparency for 18 textures, and fixes clouds transparency for 26 textures.

In order to showcase the graphical improvements that this mod brings to the table, the modder shared the following comparison screenshots. On the left, we have the vanilla version, and on the right, the modded version.

Blood 2 vanilla textures-1Blood 2 HD Texture Pack-1 Blood 2 vanilla textures-2Blood 2 HD Texture Pack-2 Blood 2 vanilla textures-3Blood 2 HD Texture Pack-3 Blood 2 vanilla textures-4Blood 2 HD Texture Pack-4

As you can easily, the vanilla textures in Blood 2 look like a blurry mess. This is to be expected as Blood 2 came out in 1998. By using AI techniques, though, we can finally get HD versions of these original textures. As such, the modded version looks sharper and better than ever.

You can download this AI-upscaled HD Texture Pack for Blood 2 from here.

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Have fun!