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Take a Look at Fallout 4 With 120 Graphics Mods

YouTube’s ‘Cycu1’ has shared a video, comparing a heavily modded version of Fallout 4 (using around 120 graphics mods) with its vanilla version. This video comparison can give you an idea of how much better Fallout 4 with mods can look on PC.

As you can clearly see, the modded version looks more detailed than the vanilla version. I’ve also noticed some lighting enhancements and changes. For example, you can notice some fog effects in the distance now. And yes, there are now higher-quality textures for a lot of surfaces and objects.

Now what’s great here is that the YouTuber has shared the list of mods they used. So, the mod that he has used are NAC – Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth alongside this Fallout 4 Mod List Collection. In order to further enhance the visuals, Cycu1 also used the Ultimate Immersion Fallout 4 ENB 2.0. Thus, you can make your game look exactly like the modded version that is being showcased here.

It’s a shame that Fallout 4 is not compatible with the RTX Remix. Even when it came out, F4 looked dated. As such, it would greatly benefit from Full Ray Tracing/Path Tracing. From what we know, though, Bethesda does not plan to implement such features to it. And no, the upcoming Next-Gen Update will not add any RT effects to it. Man, what a bummer.

Anyway, if you don’t like this modlist, you can download these other mods for Fallout 4. For instance, there is a LOD mod that reduces distant objects/shadows/textures pop-ins. Then we have the Disk Cache Enabler Mod. There’s also a mod that adds ragdoll physics and collisions to dead bodies. Another amazing mod is this one that fixes the game’s long loading times. DirectHit is a mod that overhauls the AI of enemies. And let’s not forget this mod that adds real locational damage to all enemies. You can also download an 8K Texture Pack, or this 41GB 4K Texture Pack which optimizes all 40,962 textures. Finally, there is a mod that adds support for NVIDIA DLSS 2, AMD FSR 2 and Intel XeSS. Oh, and there’s a mod that adds AMD FSR 3.0 Frame Generation to the game.

Let’s also not forget the DLC-sized expansion mods that you can get for F4. Fallout New Vegas Remake in Fallout 4 is an unreleased mod that we’re really looking forward to. Then we have Fallout: MiamiAmerica Rising 2 is another DLC-sized mod that integrated the Enclave faction into the main story with 24 main quests. Caves Of The Commonwealth is another fan expansion that adds 2-5 hours of new gameplay content. Let’s also not forget Fallout London which will come out on April 23rd. You can also download Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 3Whispering Hills which is a cool Silent Hill mod, and The Wilderness Mod. You can also download a new horror quest mod that is inspired by Lovecraft, Resident Evil and Dead Space. Earlier this month, we also shared another quest mod for it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Fallout 4 Vanilla vs 120 Graphics Mod List PC RTX 4080 4K Ultra Graphics Comparison