Story trailer leaked for the action co-op sci-fi first-person shooter, TauCeti Unknown Origin [UPDATE]

It appears that the Gamescom 2019 story trailer for TauCeti Unknown Origin has been leaked online. TauCeti Unknown Origin is an action co-op sci-fi first person shooter with RPG and survival elements. Unfortunately, though, this story trailer does not contain any actual gameplay footage.

The game promises to offer an original and epic gameplay experience set in an exciting and exotic space world. Players will have to find a way to survive in the rough conditions, surrounded by many enemies. Players will also have to produce as many unique weapons to defend their lives as possible.

TauCeti Unknown Origin will support up to four players. The game aims to feature organic monster AI with unpredictable behaviour, as well as lots of weapons and flying hovers. Moreover, it will have a sandbox world with dynamic weather and a day/night cycle/mode. Not only that, but the game will also pack a unique PvP option allowing more players to join as an opposing force.

There is currently no ETA on when the game will come out. Now since this trailer does not feature any gameplay footage, I’ve also included below another video from 2018. This second video packs some gameplay so be sure to watch that one too.


TauCeti Unknown Origin Trailer


The developer got in touch with us and kindly asked us to remove the story trailer. Since this is a small studio and not your typical triple-A studio, we’ve decided to help it and remove it. The team claimed that a proper trailer will come out soon, so stay tuned for more!