Skyrim Special Edition feature 2

These mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim allow you to craft everything and fly on magic carpets

Modders ‘Enai Siaion’ and ‘rylog9’ released two cool mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The first mod allows you to fly on magic carpets and floating disks, while the second one allows you to craft almost everything.

Going into more details, the “The Miracle of Flight” mod adds three modes of flying transportation for skilled mages. These are: a flying carpet, Hethoth’s Floating Disk and a dwemer conveyance. All of them come with collisions and low script load. Players can buy the spell tomes at their respective vendors or find them as loot in the world.

Each flying conveyance automatically equips two concentration spells and a power. Mages can cast the concentration spells to steer or move forwards by casting both at once, similar to tank controls. Players can also activate crouch mode to move automatically without having to hold down a button they you can still steer with the spells. To climb or descend, you’ll simply have to look up or down. If you are stationary, this will allow you to hover up or down vertically. Moreover, the power button triggers a special effect.

On the other hand, the “Craft Everything” mod makes every non-unique piece of clothing, armor, or weapon craftable. The focus of this mod was on role play and utility. If you can’t, for example, find an axe, you can create one.

This mod will also allow you to craft some hard-to-find items for the Atronach Forge. Not only that, but this mod will increase the usability of some Creation Club content as well, such as the ability to craft warm clothes in Survival Mode and soul gem fragments for Arcane arrows.

Those interested can download the “The Miracle of Flight” mod from here, and the “Crafting Everything” mod from here.

Have fun!

Skyrim Mods: The Miracle of Flight (PC & XBOX)