Doom 4 Call of Duty Canceled Version

Multiplayer footage surfaces from Doom 4’s canceled 2012 version

Yesterday, we shared a concept trailer for the canceled “Call of Duty” version of Doom 4. And today, we present you with another short video, this time showcasing some multiplayer action from it.

Now as I said in our previous story, I’m glad that id Software canceled this version of Doom 4. Similar to the previous trailer, this multiplayer video feels more like RAGE and not like Doom. Not only that, but the color palette is awful and nowhere close to what we got in 2016 with Doom. Still, it’s really cool witnessing gameplay footage from canceled games (at least in my opinion).

The first leak for this canceled Doom 4 game happened back in 2015. Back then, numerous screenshots surfaced from a behind-the-scenes trailer. Then, in 2020, new footage surfaced from that old version of Doom 4 (that video is no longer available). And then, in 2022, we got three new screenshots from it.

Doom 4 would originally take place on Earth, and featured gameplay mechanics similar to those of the Call of Duty games. However, during development, id Software felt that this was the wrong direction, and decided to cancel it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!