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New screenshots surface from the canceled “Call of Duty” Doom 4 game

In case you weren’t aware, id Software was working on a Call of Duty-inspired Doom game (before ditching it in favor of the amazing Doom 2016 reboot). And yesterday, some new screenshots surfaced from it.

These new screenshots show off a resistance soldier (that Blur Studio used in the unreleased Doom 4 trailer). These shots can give you an idea of the game’s direction and art style.

Doom 4 would originally take place on Earth, and featured gameplay mechanics similar to those of the Call of Duty games. During development, id Software felt that this was wrong, and decided to cancel it so that it could create a game that was closer to the classic Doom games.

Now while this does not look impressive, I’d really love to play it.  Again, this doesn’t feel like a Doom game. Still, I’m a bit curious about it. It’s the same feeling I have about the canceled versions of Duke Nukem Forever (though in DNF’s case, those canceled versions may be better than the final product).

Lastly, you can find more screenshots from this Doom 4 game here. There was also a video with in-game footage from a prototype version that is, sadly, no longer available.


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