Pax Dei feature

Pax Dei is a new social sandbox MMO game using Unreal Engine 5

Earlier this week, Mainframe Industries announced a new social sandbox MMO game that will be using Unreal Engine 5, called Pax Dei.

According to the developers, Pax Dei will be inspired by the legends of the medieval era. The game will feature an open-world playground, and players will choose the role they want to play. Players will explore the land, build their home, forge their reputation, and craft their own stories.

Furthermore, the devs claim that everything in this world will be produced by the players’ hands and skills. Players can provide clothes, walls, food, flowers, and prayers to their villages. Additionally, they can provide weapons and armor to their Clan.

Pax Dei sounds ambitious… too ambitious for a new studio. So yeah, keep that also in mind.

Lastly, there is no ETA on when this game will come out.


Pax Dei - Reveal Trailer - Where we belong