Metroid Prime feature by Mykiio

Metroid Prime & Metroid Dread running with over 120fps on PC via Nintendo Switch Emulators

YouTube’s ‘theboy181’ has shared two videos, showcasing Metroid Prime and Metroid Dread running on PC via the Nintendo Switch emulators with 120fps.

For those unaware, by default, Metroid Prime and Metroid Dread are locked at 60fps on Nintendo Switch. However, thanks to community patches, PC gamers can enjoy these two games with really high framerates.

Now what’s really cool here is that these mods completely fix the speed issues that these two games had with unlocked framerates. As such, when playing them with 120fps, both of them now have the correct speed and physics. Not only that, but the mod for Metroid Dread also unlocks the framerate of its cut-scenes.

Unfortunately, theboy181 has not shared these mods yet with the public. The modder claims that they’re waiting for the Ryujinx developers to fix some things and add support for them. So yeah, that’s a bummer.

Anyway, until you can download these mods yourselves, you can at least take a look at these videos and see how smooth these two Metroid games can be!

Metroid Prime Remake 120fps/4K/LOD mod

Metroid Dread Full FPS MOD (showing 120)