Here is Star Wars: X-Wing from 1993 being recreated in Unity Engine

David Esparza Guerrero has released a video, showcasing a prototype fan remake of Star Wars: X-Wing in Unity Engine. According to its creator, this video shows Y-Wing Historical Mission 6: “Interception and Capture” (Rescue Admiral Ackbar).

This Star Wars: X-Wing fan remake, called XWVM, is currently in pre-alpha state and it’s missing some features. As such, the following video does not represent the final version of this fan remake. As Guerrero claimed:

“There are a few features that would better get fixed before doing a release, because the game is currently in a really rough state. It totally is a pre-alpha build, and I cannot stress that enough.”

But what exactly is XWVM? XWVM is a remake of the flight engine that reads the original XWing resources (music, graphics, missions) in your GoG XWing game folder, and uses them to play the mission, allowing for modern resolutions, input methods, and even usability improvements that were later added to TIE Fighter and XvT.

Here are the key features of the latest version of XWVM (that is not available to the public).

  • Mini intro with the Lucas Arts and Totally Games logos from the original games, as well as the text crawl.
  • Hyperspace sequences, including arrival and departure from star system.
  • Astronomical backdrops: local star, planets present on the mission file.
  • Space dust.
  • Engine glows and sun flares.
  • New models for all ships.
  • Sound effects for engines, weapons, instruments, hits, explosions, etc.
  • Functional, rotating turrets for the capital ship.
  • Map instrument.
  • Proton torpedo launcher and torpedoes.
  • Mission goal tracker instrument.
  • Full mission logic cycle working. The mission can be completed or failed. And it starts all over after dying or jumping into hyperspace.
  • New mouse cursor design.
  • Better combat AI.
  • More accurate ship explosions.
  • Time acceleration instrument.
  • Throttle instrument.