Red Dead Redemption feature

Here is Red Dead Redemption running with more than 100fps on PC

The team behind the best Xbox 360 emulator, Xenia, has released a brand new version that comes with some impressive performance increases in numerous games. As such, PC gamers can now experience the first Red Dead Redemption with more than 60fps.

YouTube’s ‘Emulators & Gameplay HD’ has shared the following video, showcasing Red Dead Redemption running on the latest Xenia Canary version. In order to capture this footage, the YouTuber used an Intel i9-12900K with an NVIDIA GeForce 3080Ti.

As we can see, the game could run with more than 137fps at times. This of course happens in big and empty areas. Inside towns, the framerate averages between 60-90fps. This is still impressive considering the game was originally locked at 30fps on consoles.

Now I don’t know whether the entire game is playable at those high framerates. For all we know, there might be some towns that are more demanding than what ‘Emulators & Gameplay HD’ has showcased. Nevertheless, it’s now possible to play and somehow enjoy this game on PC.

You can download the latest version of Xenia Canary from here. You can also download the 60fps unlock patch from here.


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