Here is almost one minute of gameplay footage from Human Head’s cancelled Prey 2 prototype

Andrew Borman has shared a video, showing one minute of gameplay footage from Human Head Studios’ cancelled version of Prey 2. This prototype version will obviously never see the light of day so it’s pretty cool that we are at least getting some videos from it.

This cancelled version of Prey 2 was meant to be a first-person shooter set in an open alien world called Exodus. Players would assume the role of a bounty hunter and would have over 20 gadgets with over 40 upgrades for those gadgets. The player would use a variety of Earthly and alien weapons to kill and capture his targets.

Prey 2 would also feature agile combat which would play a large part of the game. Players would be able to jump, climb, and hover with rocket boots to traverse large alien cities. The game would have a morality system in which the player would choose how to act in the world.