Godzilla Woud Be Awesome As An Oculus VR Game, Fan Project Shows Why We Desperately Need One

Chances are most of our readers love dinosaurs. And if you’re like us, then you most probably love Godzilla. And let’s face it; there hasn’t been a good Godzilla game – if any at all – on the PC. But that could very well change as a Godzilla game is a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift. In fact, a Godzilla VR game would be a killer-app if this fan project is anything to go by.

YouTube’s ‘Logemas’ has created the following VR game in which players take control of the giant creature. This is a fan project, so don’t expect it to be polished. Still, after watching this we’re pretty sure you’ll begin wondering why there isn’t any official Godzilla simulator being made.

Now just imagine a Unreal Engine 4-powered game with high quality graphics in which players could wreck entire cities. That would be glorious. Seriously, I’m throwing money at the screen just thinking about it.

Dear developers and publishers, this would be a dream come true. And this is exactly what VR games should be all about. Make this happen!