Instinction feature 2

First Unreal Engine 5 teaser video released for the new dinosaur game, Instinction

Hashbane has released the first Unreal Engine 5 teaser video for its upcoming dinosaur survival game, Instinction. This first video showcases the game’s graphics, as well as its Photomode.

As the game’s description reads:

“Instinction will feature a single-player mode with combat, exploration and puzzles, where the environments can be as treacherous and beautiful as the creatures you encounter. Environmental puzzles will have you completing quests and searching for ancient artefacts left by an unknown civilisation long since gone, while navigating stunning locations with ever changing weather conditions and embark on an unforgettable journey.”

As we’ve already reported, the game will support both DLSS and Ray Tracing. Additionally, UE5 will allow the team to further
push the lighting and model quality among other improved capabilities.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Instinction UE5 Test