Life is Strange True Colors

E3 2021 Gameplay Trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors

Square Enix has released the E3 2021 gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors. In addition, the team revealed that the game will release on September 10th.

In Life is Strange: True Colors, players will make tough decisions and choose their own future. Players can freely roam the streets, stores, and hidden spaces of Haven Springs and meet unforgettable characters.

Here is the game’s description:

“Brought to life through full performance capture by rising talent Erika Mori, players will navigate Haven Springs as Alex Chen, a young woman who has long suppressed her ‘curse’: the psychic power of Empathy, a supernatural ability that allows her to experience, absorb and influence the strong emotions of others – which she sees as blazing, colored auras.

When her brother dies, in a suspicious accident, Alex must at last embrace her volatile power to find the truth, and uncover the dark secrets buried by a small town. Alex Chen’s journey, power and future are all fully under the player’s control.

The psychic power of Empathy affects every interaction and relationship Alex has in the game and is fully under the player’s control. Use it to reveal the secrets of Haven Springs, the hidden facets of Alex’s past, and the future of her journey to find a place to call home.”


Life is Strange: True Colors - Power and Consequence [PEGI]