Dying Light feature 2

Dying Light running in 8K on NVIDIA RTX 3090 with Ray Tracing Reshade

Digital Dreams released a new video, showing Dying Light running in 8K/Max settings on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 with Ray Tracing Reshade. This is a really cool video that shows how PC gamers can easily improve a game’s graphics with Reshade. 

In order to implement the Ray Tracing Reshade effects, Digital Dreams used its own “Beyond all Limits Raytracing” Preset. However, and by tweaking the original Reshade from Marty McFly, you can achieve similar results.

Now obviously Dying Light with Ray Tracing Reshade does not look as good as Dying Light 2. Dying Light 2 will be using an enhanced version of the Chrome Engine, and will have native Ray Tracing effects. Also, keep in mind that Dying Light came out in 2015. Still, and at least in our opinion, it’s cool witnessing older games running in real-time in 8K resolutions.

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[8K] Dying Light | RTX 3090 | Beyond all Limits Raytracing Preset | Photorealistic graphic