DOOM – E3 2015 versus Final Version Comparison Video

As we all know, games tend to get downgraded compared to their E3 builds. However, that wasn’t the case with id Software’s DOOM game. YouTube’s ‘CrowbCat’ shared a comparison video between the E3 2015 and the final version of DOOM and as we can see, these two builds are almost identical.

While there are some small changes to the maps, every tech feature that was showcased in that E3 build is present in the final version. From smoke effects to those lovely reflections, DOOM looks just as good – if not better due to higher quality textures – than its E3 2015 demo build.

The only thing that the final version misses is Imps crawling when they lose their limbs. In the final version, Imps are being killed more easily and do not crawl (this seems like a gameplay choice in order to keep the game as fast and chaotic as possible).

Apart from that, the final version of DOOM looks glorious, runs impressively fast, and looks just as good as its E3 2015 demo.


DOOM E3 comparison: unexpected upgrade, mixed opinions