Project Relic feature

Dark Souls-inspired indie game, Project Relic, gets new gameplay video

Project Cloud Games has released a new gameplay video from its upcoming Dark Souls-inspired game, Project Relic. Project Relic is a third-person action RPG that currently targets a 2023 release date.

We first reported on Project Relic in July 2021. Since then, the indie studio has been working hard on improving the game’s combat, and this latest video can give you an idea of the game’s current state.

My biggest issue with this gameplay video is the camera angle. For some unknown reason, the camera is locked behind the player. And while this may make the video a bit more cinematic, it does not “feel” right.

Project Cloud Games is a small indie studio consisting of 10 developers. So, and for a small team, Project Relic looks interesting.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!