DayZ new feature

DayZ Update 1.17 released, adds new control settings, full patch notes

Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new update for DayZ. According to the devs, Update 1.17 focuses primarily on accessibility and crafting. However, it also offers an expanded selection of civilian firearms and a handful of tweaks to certain features.

Going into more details, Patch 1.17 brings new control and sensitivity settings. Players now have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of their controls in different scenarios such as aiming, moving, and steering. Additionally, this patch packs upgrades to control scheme for controllers and the addition of an alternative control scheme.

Update 1.17 also has some VOIP improvements. This patch features some quality of life improvements to the UI, such as icons being shown only when transmitting (while having the new voice-activation mode enabled), a release delay for the push to talk mode, and the ability to change the VOIP distance on a controller.

Furthermore, players can expect an improvised gas mask filter, a belt out of rope, a cookware stand for a fireplace, and a whole new set of improvised clothing made out of rags. Players can now also use to craft a bone knife. This latest update also revised the stone knife crafting. Moreover, players can now use both types of blades to make an improvised spear.

Lastly, Patch 1.17 brings new melee weapons such as a meat tenderizer, a cleaver, and a pitchfork. It also adds a handful of civilian firearms like the CR-550 Savanna – a powerful .308 hunting bolt-action rifle, the .308 Longhorn pistol, and the legendary P1 9mm pistol!

DayZ 1.17 Update Teaser